The Company


Vision, Mission e Values

JumpEducation’s role in educational market involves a series of principles that should govern its relationship with the market and its players. See what are these principles:


Provide Knowledge, Relationship and Information for professional development, both for individuals and for corporate professionals, through education products that promote skills improvement, using various resources such as high-quality classrooms courses and e-learning, as well as a wide range of products that meet the educational needs of individuals and corporations.


Being a reference in Information, Knowledge and Educational Solutions for corporate market in general, retailers and professional customers.


Our Top Value is continuous development of new educational solutions for corporate market, retailers and professional customers.

We are dedicated to providing an environment that encourages:

  • Continuous Learning and Development
  • Performance-based compensation
  • High standards of ethics and integrity in our business conduct
  • Operational responsibilities toward the implementation
  • Innovation
  • Intellectual Capital Recognition