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  • 2002

    Internet started to become popular in Brazil. Still under the effects of Internet bubble, investments in digital media were scarce, but there was still great potential to be exploited.

    This is the scenario where emerged JumpSolutions, with a proposal to offer trainings on the most important issues relating to digital strategies. The first challenge was to identify a market still in its infancy, which professionals must be qualified to teach classes on these subjects. Soon, the company showed one of its qualities: talent for networking and identifying talent. The very first training about Online Media was released.

  • 2003

    Success of the early trainings promoted by JumpEducation started to bring attention.. In an action that involved "word-of-mouth" marketing, recommendations of various professionals and expansion of networking, new trainings were released. Topics? Usability and User Experience and Web Project Planning Investing in new formats for events, but with an educational bias highly necessary for the formation of new professionals helped JumpEducation to seek for its place in the market. In the end of the year, new setting for the young company: it starts to become a knowledge hub for digital market.

  • 2004

    The new company's position led to the launch of a new product line: Executive Workshops, information events with compact format, ideal for professionals responsible for digital business strategies of corporations.

    The vocation to develop educational programs led to a change in corporate name, now renamed JumpEducation.

    The new format soon found a receptive market, which recorded significant growth in digital media activities. Therefore, new issues were being released: Webmetrics, Online Media Management and Relationship Marketing on the Web.

    The company's work became recognized, producing a significant increase in general interest for their services. Thus, networking and increased demand for new issues as well.

    Along with the increased demand for Trainings and Executive Workshops, the company was also to be known as a reference in the organization and production of events related to digital media. Then the company began to offer services as an event organizer, in partnership with other companies. The first event was ICE - Internet Costumer Experience, a partnership with Macromedia- one of the very first events on Rich Media to be held in the Brazilian market.

  • 2005

    A year of big changes. JumpEducation expanded its repertoire of themes, with emphasis on the promising mobile marketing. Meanwhile, the company began to make strategic partnerships with prestigious institutions.

    The year was marked by the beginning of a successful partnership with Senac-SP. Executive Training Workshops were promoted in conjunction with Senac in São Paulo.This association increased the JumpEducation's credibility within the digital market.

    At the end of the year, another achievement: the launch of JumpExec newsletter, the first Brazilian vehicle specializing in coverage of topics related to digital marketing and advertising.

  • 2006

    Brazilian economy was showing signs of vitality, and inevitably the digital market reflected the good symptoms of this growth. Corporations were increasingly interested by digital media, and the need to train and qualify employees intensified. Demand for products and services by JumpEducation increased, making Executive Workshops being offered at more intense pace, following the market needs.

    This increased interest in the market about the issues related to digital media has led to a repositioning of JumpExec newsletter. It turned into a portal, offering a complete overview of Internet market and other digital media. Recognized professionals began to be interviewed or to write columns for the portal, spreading the best practices and knowledge about the market for a growing number of people and contributing to form an increased critical mass for the new media.

    A new partnership was established, with t ESPM: Event One Day Digital was an evidence about market's growth, demanding for quality information.

    The year also marked the release of an event in partnership with ESPM's Planning Group: Society International Ideas Conferece, which consolidated JumpEducation as a major player of Brazilian Internet market.

  • 2007

    In the year that social media exploded worldwide, JumpEducation must reflect this moment offering new training programs: issues such as Corporate Blogs and Viral Marketing were successfully included in the grade.

    New teachers and subjects began to give more consistency to JumpEducation activities. Investment in strategic partnerships continued, this time with IAB Brazil and Meio & Mensagem magazine.

    Another important strategic partnership set with WTC Institute, which resulted in the second edition of One Digital Da event, this time taking new media as the main theme.

    A new product line opened: Training Programs, activities focused on practical and operational issues, especially Information Architecture trainings, which later resulted in EBAI - first Brazilian Meeting on Information Architecture.

    As proof that good work across borders, the year also brought to JumpEducation the opportunity to co-organizing the first major event on digital marketing in Brazilian market: Digital Age, featuring international speakers such as John Battelle,. The event was an absolute success, helping to raise awareness of leading-edge companies and professionals about the importance of digital media strategy.

  • 2008

    Strong economy, record computers and cellphones sales, the introduction of Digital TV in Brazil: only these specific facts justified the importance of JumpEducation within the digital landscape of Brazil.

    Therefore, the expansion of activity continues, in addition to Executive Programs, Training Programs and JumpExec, made the company launch several new products, and qualify itself as a complete platform of better knowledge about the digital market.

    For JumpEducation, there are no limits to offer the best information for professionals in digital area.

  • 2009

    This is the year that JumpEducation's took its first steps towards consolidating itself as a provider of complete solutions for corporate education and qualification: being the supplier of Motorola's trade marketing training programs. This project enabled the company to develop an effective and highly praised qualification program, disseminating best practices and expertise to an extensive network of sales professionals distributed throughout the country.

  • 2010

    The constant area development where JumpEducation operates begins to extend its focus to the creation, production and delivery of e-learning courses on a large scale. The first major project in this area is the training program for MercadoLivre, involving thousands of professionals from all over Brazil, disseminating best practices and processes to build consistent and prosperous business. For this project, JumpEducation developed a whole process of researching, developing content, editing content for e-learning format and production to meet that demand complex, with extremely positive results.

  • 2011

    In a year destined to expand horizons for the company's business, JumpEducation, and continuously improves its products and services, continuing to develop new customers and offer innovative solutions for a variety of needs for companies and professionals.